• As an independent forwarder, you are part of a multi-national network that provides access to business partners from 5 different continents.

  • Whilst doing business among members including DDU/ DDP or DAP , you will be protected by a trust fund, and in 3 years, you will enjoy the benefits of the stipulated trust fund scheme (policy) less liabilities among existing members.

  • Opportunities to develop business partnerships and ventures face to face through our annual conference.


Admission as a Member

  • PLN welcomes everyone. Members who already have membership(s) with other networks shall still qualify to be a Member of PLN.

  • Recruitment of Members in PLN is restricted to four (6) representatives per country. An exception of eight (8) representatives per country applies to the Indonesia and thirteen (16) representatives to the China, India and United States of America. Any extra member must come from a subsidiary or an associate.

This is for the network to remain sustainable and yet competitive in each geographical region.

For your quick access to information we’ve placed our pricing to join us as member.

Annual Membership Fees USD 1300
Membership Fees for subsidiaries Subsidiary companies of Members shall be charged USD 650 per entity
Annual Trust Fund Fees USD 500
Trust Fund Fees for subsidiaries Not applicable, but branch offices liabilities still will be protected under trust fund protection plan

The Financial Means of PLN

Admission as a MemberPLN financial viability will be primarily funded by the Membership Fee (hereinafter referred to as “Membership Fee”) paid by Members annually. PlanetPlus does not form any part of PLN’s financial viability and will be treated separately.

Fee Structure (For our existing Members)
Annual Membership Fee USD 1300 applicable January 2017 (Subsidiaries companies of Members shall be charged at USD 650) Annually
Trust Fund “PlanetPlus” USD 500 Subsidiaries companies of Members shall be charged at USD 250.00 per entity, if subsidiary company is located outside country of main branch (Terms and Conditions apply) Annually
Bank Charges USD 50
TOTAL USD 1850 Annually

*Important: Bank Charges applied.

Membership Fees

Membership fee is to cover our administrative costs and will be billed annually. From January 2017 onwards we will be giving annual membership starting from their date of joining to same time of next year.

A reminder to make payment of the Membership Fees and PlanetPlus shall be sent by PLN annually. Members are advised to make prompt payments when due.


Financial Security Plan (“PlanetPlus”)
  • Members will have a financial security plan, similar to that of a trust fund, which guarantees Members payment for freight forwarding transaction between Members (hereinafter referred to as “PlanetPlus”. PlanetPlus is for the exclusive use between PLN Members only. No coverage is provided for transactions which involve non-members of PLN.

  • Members who find themselves in dispute(s) over non-payment by another Member may apply to PLN for mediation.

  • Members are obliged to contribute to PlanetPlus annually. PlanetPlus contribution has to be made by all Members, including the ones referred to in Clause 11.2.

  • PlanetPlus is set up as a reserve for the Members to utilize in the event Members encounter the non-payment with another Member. PlanetPlus serves as a form of compensation for the aggrieved party.

  • At the end of every three (3) years, Members who stay and or remain members for the entire period without interruption, will be eligible for the refund on their contribution but less liabilities or claims among the members and the audit fee expenses or any other expense so.

  • As Members, the minimum sum claimable under Planet Plus shall be USD $1000 up to a maximum sum of USD $50,000. Planet Plus has a ‘deductible’ feature. A ‘deductible’ is the minimum claimable sum before a Member can file a claim under Planet Plus.

  • The monies held under PlanetPlus are limited to what is available for members to use. In the event, the monies held under PlanetPlus are fully utilized, then there will be no further amount available for members. The PlanetPlus being the trust fund for members is limited to the amount available.

  • Members shall apply to PLN for mediation during which their matters will be heard by the President and two (2), Vice-Presidents to determine the outcome of the dispute. The Council will act independently and their decision on the outcome of the dispute is final.

  • In the event PLN is not able to resolve the dispute amicably between Members, the Council will use its discretion to either dispense with the mediation and/or suggest to the parties that they find an alternative method of resolution.

  • Members are to note that the intention of the PLN is to facilitate and provide an amicable and effective resolution between Members.

  • The resolution of the dispute between parties shall be dealt with in strict confidence and documents or any form of materials used during the course of the resolution shall be treated with strict confidentiality.

  • Mediation may be in the form of video-conferencing, correspondence (which includes facsimile, electronic mails and letters). PLN may require parties to provide documents for review in relation to the mediation

  • All claims made by Members must be filed within ninety (90) days from the date of invoice.

  • No claims shall be accepted by PLN if the invoice is less than sixty (60) days old.


PLN proposes a guideline for members to settle their credits within 30 days or latest within 45 days and advised to be very clear with one another in regards to payment terms. This guideline, however, will not be applicable for member who have private or special credit terms agreement with other members. It is always your responsibility to clearly communicate your payment terms before accepting to do any work for another member.

  • PLN is a NON-EXCLUSIVE network.

  • Members are allowed to use the PLN logo on business cards, letterheads and Internet appearances showing “Member of PLN”.


Interested parties can drop us an enquiry at